Love a Parade?

Join this year's team!

Bring Emma to Life!

If you've always stood on the sidelines during the Autumn Glory Grand Feature Parade, this is your opportunity to be part of the entertainment.


Each year EMM dances Emma, the 45-foot dragon along the parade route to delight spectators with her glittering scales and big, toothy smile.

Join the dragon team or walk along in matching orange shirts, carry a banner or just smile and wave to family, friends, and visitors. It's a great way to experience Garrett Counties favorite day.

You can also bring your own talents to the team. Do you play an instrument or have other skills? Let us know!



Walk along, wave and smile. It's simple and easy to do.



Carry a sign. Most are fairly light and require one hand.


Percussion instruments add life to the parade. Do you play?



Do you have a special skill to add to our unit? Let us know!


Be the life of the parade and help operate Emma. The head weighs more and is most active. The tail is also a lively spot. No experience required. It's like follow the leader. Nine spots plus alternates are needed. Plan on joining us to make 2018 the best Autumn Glory ever!

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