Celebration & Inaugural Picnic

Now, you can see what you missed.

Over 150 people came out to celebrate and picnic in the heart of Oakland. Engage Mountain Maryland shared some history of the organization and future plans that include voter engagement, economic initiatives, and environmental protection. Emma the 45 dragon made a delightful, special appearance.

Select from the videos below to catch some highlights.

Special Guests

Learn more about the guests who spoke at our inaugural picnic.

Senator Bobby Zirkin

Democrat, District 11, Baltimore County

Senator Zirkin has been a long-time advocate for prohibiting fracking in Maryland. He built a bipartisan bill by convincing fellow Senator Simonaire and Governor Hogan to acknowledge the risks associated with gas drilling. A historic press conference announced the Governor's support securing the ban bill's success.

Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo

Democrat, District 15, Montgomery County

Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo is a veteran warrior opposed to fracking in Maryland. His House ban bill was the final piece of historic legislation that was signed into law by Governor Larry Hogan. He captured a two-thirds majority in the House of Delegates before the bill reached the Senate.

Senator Roger Manno

Democrat, District 19, Montgomery County

Senator Manno served as Chair to the Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee that placed a hold on fracking regulations. This unprecedented, bold move added ammunition for Governor Hogan's support of a ban. Without adopted regulations, Maryland could not proceed with gas drilling.

Delegate Shane Robinson

Democrat, District 39, Montgomery County

Delegate Robinson asked Maryland to ban fracking back in 2013. His forward-thinking legislation brought attention to the controversial practice. He also visited Garrett County with the Environment & Transportation Committee to listen to hours of testimony on the issue.

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The Terah Crawford Band
The Terah Crawford Band

Live music provided by the Terah Crawford Band will round out the festivities. Paid for by Rock Excavating.

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Garrett County Orthopaedics

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Thank you!

Our board members would like to thank our generous event sponsors, everyone who volunteered and those who joined in the festivities.