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David Trone vs. Amie Hoeber

Your representative in Congress work on Capitol Hill to pass national legislation that could benefit your state and country. The 6th District serves Western Maryland which includes, Garrett, Allegany, Washington, and parts of Frederick and Montgomery Counties. Which candidates understand issues facing Garrett County? You're entitled to write and ask them the tough questions before you vote.

Don't let others decide your future.

David Trone (D)

Democrat | 6th Congressional District

David Trone’s story is an American story. Born in Cheverly, Maryland, David’s mother was a teacher and his father was a salesman for Trans World Airlines (TWA). When David was 11, his dad moved the family to a working farm near the Maryland-Pennsylvania border. With no indoor plumbing for a year and a father with no experience in farming, David and his brothers carried much of the load, selling eggs, cleaning hog pens and chicken houses, and all the other work farming requires. READ MORE

Amie Hoeber (R)

Republican | 6th Congressional District

As a former Deputy Under Secretary of the Army under President Reagan, Amie worked closely with the Administration and Congress to strengthen America’s defense and national security. She oversaw the full spectrum of the Army’s research and development programs and managed the environmental cleanup of decommissioned bases. Amie also led the Pentagon’s efforts to protect our troops from chemical and other unconventional weapons. READ MORE

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Campbell vs. Cardin vs. Simon

The citizens of each state elect two Senators to serve 6-year terms. The Senate, as a whole, has many duties and responsibilities. Some of these include writing and passing laws, approving many presidential appointments, and ratifying treaties with other countries. In addition, individual Senators play may serve on special committees or councils.

Tony Campbell (R)

Republican | U.S. Senate

Dr. Antonio (Tony) Campbell teaches politics at Towson University focusing on political theory, metropolitan studies and a survey course on religion and politics.  Tony served his country in the United States Army as a Chaplain and received his doctorate from Liberty University Seminary.  Tony is the author of two books, America Today and A More Perfect Union.  He is the father of two children, Taylor Alexander and Amelia Christine. READ MORE

Ben Cardin (D)

Democrat | U.S. Senate Incumbent

A third-generation Marylander, Ben Cardin has been a national leader on health care, retirement security, the environment and fiscal issues while representing the people of Maryland in the U.S. Senate, and before that in the House of Representatives. He has worked across party lines to further U.S. national security and to ensure that good governance, transparency and respect for human rights are integrated into American foreign policy efforts. READ MORE

Neal Simon (U)

Unaffiliated | U.S. Senate

Neal Simon is a business executive and community leader from Potomac, Maryland.

Born in New York City, he is the son and grandson of immigrants. Neal’s mother, Sylvia, was born in Casablanca, Morocco.  Neal’s father, Donald, is the son of immigrants from Belarus. His father worked in equipment leasing and his mother worked as a school teacher and then a travel agent. READ MORE

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