The District 1A Delegate represents roughly 40,000 residents from Garrett County and part of Allegany County in Annapolis during the General Assembly. This lawmaker must review legislation that steers Maryland policies. Your Delegate must sit on committees that hear legislation brought forward each year. The House of Delegates may introduce their own bills or hear bills submitted by their General Assembly counterparts in the Maryland Senate. Bills must pass through both the House and the Senate before they become Maryland law. How your delegate views policy is a very important part of their job and how they serve you.

Wendell Beitzel

Republican | Accident

Incumbent, Wendell Beitzel is wrapping up his third four-year term as Delegate for District 1A. He was born in Accident, MD and is a graduate of Northern High School and Fairmont State College in West Virginia, receiving a B.S. in biology. He served in the U.S. Army and was a microbiologist at the National Institute of Health. He also achieved an M.S. from Frostburg State College and an M.B.A. from Frostburg State University. He once was a part-owner of Point View Inn & Motel on Deep Creek Lake and owner of Starlite Motel & Restaurant in Oakland and Accident Bakery as well as growing up with a background in farming. He has served on several boards over the years and as a Delegate to the Republican Party National Convention in 2016. READ MORE

Mike Dreisbach

Democrat | Granstville

A business consultant and partner of Fronterra Resources, he and his wife, Jan Russell, operate six tourism and hospitality businesses in Garrett County – their best known are Savage River Lodge in Frostburg and The Cornucopia Café in Grantsville. As a fiscally conservative businessman, he and his wife employ approximately 90 people in their different businesses. READ MORE

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Garrett County Commissioners oversee day-to-day local decisions on issues such as roads, hiring county employees, allocating funding for special projects, and establishing an annual budget. They oversee several county entities like Economic Development, Community Action, Police and First Responders. The decisions they make are most apt to impact your daily life. Learn more about each candidate to see if you feel they will represent your interests.

[Candidates listed in alphabetical order.]

Ask how they will serve your interests.

Judy Carbone

Democrat | Candidate District 001

Judy Carbone decided to run for Garrett County Commissioner for a number of reasons, not least of which being that in a county with 51 percent women and approximately a third of the population as registered Democrats, Garrett County hasn't had Commissioners who are either for the past 25 years. She feels it is high-time that a new voice is added to the conversation with a clear process of developing Garrett County to be a thriving community with solid economic, social, and environmental health. READ MORE

Larry Tichnell

Republican | Incumbent District 001

Commissioner Tichnell's family owns and operates a 500 acre farm South of Loch Lynn and are proud to have five generations represented here and now.  Commissioner Tichnell is married to Janet, sons - Mike and Randy, and daughter Julia.  They have eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.  They appreciate living and raising a family in Garrett County and doing their part to contribute to the wellbeing of our citizens is very important to them. READ MORE

Jim Hinebaugh

Republican | Incumbent District 003

Jim Hinebaugh is a Garrett County native and lifelong Republican.  He graduated from Southern High School and attended Frostburg State University before entering the U.S. Army via the draft.  After serving as an enlisted member, Hinebaugh attended Engineer Officer Candidate School (OCS) and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers.  He subsequently retired as a Colonel/06 in 1995 with almost 29 years of service, including eight years of duty overseas. READ MORE

Bob Gatto (Write-In)

Republican | Candidate District 003

When I first ran for County Commissioner in 2010, my campaign was based solely on the premise that I wanted to get involved and I was confident my extensive business background and character traits would lend a positive influence to the county. Without previously serving as a commissioner, I was reluctant to make any promises other than being willing to work hard and leverage my experience to the County's advantage. Winning the election awarded me four years to learn the inner-workings of County government and it also helped me develop relationships within and beyond the boundaries of our beloved area. It was both challenging and rewarding. READ MORE

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Garrett County Board of Education oversees the public school system in matters of finance and policy that guide teaching staff and the administrative body. With budgets tight and a dimisishing number of students enrolled,  the newly-elected board will have some tough decisions ahead.

Matthew A. Paugh

Kitzmiller | District 001

Rodney Glotfelty

Accident | District 002

Nathan Sorber

Friendsville | District 002

Fred Gregg

Oakland | District 003

Monica Rinker

Oakland | District 003

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The following candidates will be running unopposed in the coming election. You can still vote for them on the ballot to show your support.

George Edwards

Republican | Senate, District 1

George Edwards has served in the Maryland Senate since 2007 and prior to that he served 24 years as a member of House of Delegates, representing District 1A which includes Garrett County and part of Allegany. In his last four years in the House of Delegates he was the minority leader.

Born in Grantsville, Maryland in 1948, Edwards attended Northern High School, and Fairmont State College, where he would earn a B.S. in business administration, graduating cum laude in 1970. He was also drafted by Baltimore Colts in 1970 and was an NAIA Football All-American Fullback. He earned his teacher certification from Frostburg State College, and served in Maryland National Guard between 1970 and 1976. He is a retail businessman, former teacher, and an active member with the Garrett County Development Corporation since 1974. READ MORE