Record-Breaking Voter Turnout

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Engage Mountain Maryland is expanding the You+2 initiative that encourages residents to register and pledge to vote in the midterm elections. The plus 2 asks those pledging their vote to find two more friends, family members, or co-workers to do the same. As part of the roll-out, posters popped up around Oakland to ignite voter turnout at the town’s March 12th election. Participation exceeded all expectations and all recent records with over 300 Oakland residents casting their ballots.

Volunteers observed while polling was taking place to gain an understanding about who participated in the election. Visual assessments were made about voter age and gender as well as identifying peak voting times. SEE FULL SUMMARY

“It seemed like each day new people were filing to run for office as the deadline approached,” said Mark Stutzman, EMM President. “Our goal with You+2 is coming to fruition. Citizens anxious to represent and lead their town into the future is so positive. It’s thrilling to see.” Stutzman feels the candidates that filed are very courageous and deserve the support of their community through robust voter turnout.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit organization wanted to reach Oakland residents using merchant door posters and counter cards to remind people of the pending town election that was just weeks away. With Oakland’s election falling earlier than the primary, Stutzman said it could easily be missed even by registered voters who are faithful to casting their ballot.

EMM has also built an elections web page where Garrett County residents can learn more about who is running, and for which offices, from Maryland’s Governor to local elections. Campaign messages and links to candidate websites are quickly accessible. The site will be updated as new information is made available. Voters are encouraged to visit to review candidates before they head to the polls.