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Wings of a Dove

Kevin Martin, teaches the complex art of steel drum making to a small rural school that's looking to expand their music program. Under Heather Roth’s music program, Martin guides teachers, students, and volunteers through the painstaking process of hammering and shaping metal barrels into working, musical instruments. With an ambitious goal of creating 15 drums in five days, Principal Dana McCauley and her teaching staff keep the energy level high with enthusiasm, humor, and touching moments of tenderness and compassion.


WINGS OF A DOVE will take you on a heartfelt journey to learn the value of small, community schools. Infusing personalized, experiential learning leaves a lasting impression on the endearing students of Crellin Elementary School.

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Learn more about the people in front of and behind the camera.

Kevin Martin

Rockcreek Steel Drums | Teacher, Musician, Pan Man

Kevin Martin, while a student at Cornell, discovered a book written in 1964 at the school library titled Pete Seeger’s Steel Drums - How To Play Them and Make Them. With this book as their guide, Kevin and his brother Sean built their first steel drum to use in their band Bermuda Blue. After graduating with a degree in International Trade and Finance, Kevin pursued a career in his field, but the steel drum never left his mind. Over the years, he continued to build drums in his spare time. In 1998, Kevin left his job in finance to pursue steel drum building and playing music full-time. READ MORE

Dana McCauley

Teaching Principal | Crellin Elementary School

Dana McCauley has been a dynamic teaching principal of Crellin Elementary since 2002. She seeks out experiential learning opportunities to keep students engaged and stimulated. Under her guidance, her elementary school won recognition as a National Title I Distinguished School. READ MORE


Heather Roth

Teacher | Crellin Elementary

Heather Roth, teacher at Crellin and Broad Ford Elementary Schools, was named the 2017-18 Garrett County Teacher of the Year. She teaches general music, chorus, and band at both schools. Roth also conducts the Blazing Bobcat Orff Ensemble at Broad Ford and Rhythm and Rubbish at Crellin. READ MORE


Mark Stutzman

Wings of a Dove | Producer, Camera, Editor

Videography is a recent adventure for Mark Stutzman. He is best known for his illustrations that include the 1993 top-selling Elvis Presley Commemorative Stamp, Broadway posters for Young Frankenstein, The Musical, and Annie Get Your Gun, and David Blaine event posters and playing card designs. He has created artwork for movie products for Batman, Superman, Jurassic Park, and Space Jam, as well as book covers for Steven King. READ MORE

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