Make the pledge!

For the greatest midterm

voter turnout in the Nation

Together,We Make A Difference!

Have you said, "My vote doesn't matter?" Collectively, it can change everything. Pledge to vote in the 2018 midterm election and you could help make national headlines. REALLY! If your county can boast the highest voter turnout per capita, that's big news.


Want to help? Pledge your participation and ask two friends to do the same. Each pledge means two more and our voter turnout grows and grows. This will guarantee your county is fully engaged and getting ready to set a new record for voter turnout. It will be exciting to see the polls flooded with energized and informed voters. It's what makes America a wonderful country and make's you the winner.


Midterm elections, or off-years, fall between the four-year presidential races. They are often poorly attended and overlooked, however, these down-ballot candidates are more likely to make decisions that affect your daily life than any president ever will. They impact where you live and address your local concerns.

With Primaries in the rear view mirror, it's time to bone up on the remaining candidates. How will each candidate address your concerns?


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