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Embroiled in Fracking?

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Maryland passed a ban on fracking after years of delays, study, and proposed regulations. It was a perfect storm that led to the ban, but not without one very important tool. EDUCATION! The more people learn, the more convinced they are that fracking's certain and uncertain risks outweigh the benefits.

Share any of the documents below to educate your community. It's a great place to start.

Group Presentations

Would like us to address your group or organization? We would be happy to attend your next meeting or join a community group you belong to. This can be your neighborhood association, volunteer organization, or church group. We enjoy engaging the community and welcome invitations.

We Can Join Your Event

Would you like our display at your next event? We have everything ready to go for your next event, casual or formal. We can share information about community engagement in a friendly manor that invites conversation and varied perspectives. Our goal is to provide information while allowing people to think for themselves.

Taxation Without Representation

Who carries the biggest burden of property tax in Garrett County? It's second homeowners who have no voting rights in local elections. Referendums, such as one to allow fracking, will exclude taxpayers who contribute to more than 60% of the county tax revenue.

Facts Matter

What you hear from the fracking industry about job creation is dishonest. Learn how in West Virginia, the four highest gas-producing counties, actually experienced an increase in unemployment during peak production. Maryland shouldn't expect anything better.

Learn About Fracking

The fracking issue can be complicated and a steep learning curve. That's why we've developed our series of "One-Pagers" to boil down key issuse that will have you speaking like an expert. You can down load one or the entire set for yourself or to share.

Fracking Salon Kit

You can host your own fracking educational gathering. We've put together a "Fracking Salon Kit" that provides you everything you need to engage your friends and neighbors in meaningful conversation around the fracking issue. There is a guide to help you host the perfect setting for productive conversation and a group learning experience.

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