May 13, 2018

From Gardener to Farmer


Do you run a small farm for profit or dream of growing and selling your own produce? Conor Crickmore offers an online course for small scale farmers who want to become more profitable or more efficient by creating systems that work.


The courses are designed for beginners looking to quickly ramp up their knowledge, while planning the future of their farm. A lifetime access allows a reference resource while you build your farm. Learn what supplies and equipment you might need.

New Posts
  • Join a lively conversation about the food we eat. Tuesday, August 28 from 6:00 to 8:15 PM Garrett College – Building 100, Room 102 687 Mosser Road Parking is available in Lot A The goal is to discover how we can work together to build a better food system that serves our communities and is responsive to the people and places that are unique to our region. It is important for our food system to be transparent and equitable to all involved and that is why your thoughts and guidance are so important to us in this process. Everyone should come because everyone has an interest in food, not just farmers and chefs and policymakers, but everyone who buys, sells, produces, consumes, and/or handles food. 
  • The village of Springs, PA will increase in size with the season opening of the Springs Farmers’ Market/Flea Market and the Springs Museum Saturday. The Springs Historical Society is currently preparing new exhibits in the museum and hosting new vendors at the market, offering items of interest to everyone. Celebrating its 61st year, the Springs Museum continues to grow, and the group is presently working on plans for more expansion to house additional exhibits. The Historical Society’s mission is to preserve the history and artifacts of the region, and curator Rich Yoder noted that he strives to follow that mission. The opening will include a special exhibit for the summer about Wagner’s Sugar Camp. Many new items have been donated, including old *spiles and Tom Shenk and Robert Miller’s sugar camp paintings. There is new information from the Wagner Sugar Camp’s appearance on the TV show “Dirty Jobs” and an additional large wool wheel created by Joel B. Miller. *spile |spīl| noun1 a small wooden peg or spigot for stopping a cask. SEE FULL ARTICLE
  • In Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution , bestselling author Doug Fine embarks on a humorous yet rigorous journey to meet the men and women who are testing, researching, and pioneering hemp’s applications for the twenty-first century. From Denver, where Fine hitches a ride in a hemp-powered limo; to Asheville, North Carolina, where carbon-negative hempcrete-insulated houses are sparking a mini housing boom; to Manitoba where he raps his knuckles on the hood of a hemp tractor; and finally to the fields of east Colorado, where practical farmers are looking toward hemp to restore their agricultural economy—Fine learns how eminently possible it is for this long misunderstood plant to help us end dependence on fossil fuels, heal farm soils damaged after a century of monoculture, and bring even more taxable revenue into the economy than its smokable relative.


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