A new era of economic growth | A better quality of life

Wanting a Better Life?

We all do! That's why Engage Mountain Maryland actively promotes Western Maryland as a premier location for new and expanding businesses.


Western Maryland offers an exceptionally high quality of life in beautiful natural surroundings. Employees want a good quality of life – and employers know that people who like where they live and work makes for happier, better employees.


The pleasure of rural life, a thriving local community, a sense of purpose and four-season activities…it’s the American dream! 


Western Maryland offers businesses low cost of ownership. You'll find substantial programs and incentives to locate here – and the region also offers attractive work-from-home and telecommuting options. 


Come to “Mountain Maryland” to find fresh opportunity for your business!




Food System

Farming is hard work | Reaping the rewards should be simple

Agricultural Upgrade

Farming is hard work...so why do farmers choose to rise before the sun and grapple with nature's uncertainty? Because feeding communities is rewarding and purposeful. 


Tilling soil and tending herds connect the present to the past. With modern machinery and good policy, communities can help farms be more productive.

Improving productivity and increasing harvest volume and value could make the difference between a constant struggle to stay afloat and managing a prosperous farm. The quality of the foods we eat is increasingly important to today's consumer. Healthy, organic foods are in demand by grocers, restaurants, and public institutions, not only for their nutritional value but for their quality and freshness.

Farmers can more than double the value of their harvests by growing organic. Adding a centralized food distribution system can allow a farm to sow more land knowing they have a market to which they can sell. No sensible farmer would grow more than can be sold.

Consideration for organic districts could certify multiple abutting farms which reduces setbacks and buffers, freeing up more compliant land. Certifying collectively could possibly save farmers money while increasing the value of the acreage devoted to "clean farming". Branding these areas as "Premiere MD AG" looks toward building a desired product with increased demand.


Moving harvests to market could be done collectively as well. One central trucking service could collect harvests with identifying coding so farmers simply load up their goods. Marketing, sales, delivery, and contracts can be managed by the collective allowing farmers to stay home and do what they do best.

Hemp was legalized in Maryland's 2018 General Assembly, freeing up farmers to grow this diverse crop market-valued at twice that of soybeans. Hemp grows in compromised conditions and can be harvested up to four times annually. LEARN MORE

Farmers Market

Wednesdays & Saturdays From 10AM - 1PM

Big decisions happen at the polls!

Active & Engaged

Because your vote matters, Engage Mountain Maryland offers easy voter registration help at our events. We’ll help make sure your voice gets heard in the next election!


Why is this important? Important decisions are made by elected officials whether you voted for them or not. American voters have a great distinction of choosing their representatives who will write policy for managing governments locally, state-wide, or nationally. Presidential elections only happen every four years, yet mid-term or "off-year" elections are often ignored by registered voters. Nationally, American's have one of the worst voter turnout records during the mid-terms. Western Maryland can set a better example for the rest of the country by valuing the political process our forefathers established.

Which election do you feel is the most important and most likely impacting your daily life? You might be surprised to find out it's not the presidential race. Your local elections and midterms elections are more likely to impact the place in which you live. Issues such as road maintenance, building permits for residential and commercial properties, decisions about schools, transportation, law enforcement and courts and taxes are just a few examples of what's at stake.

Candidates that fill positions such as County Commissioners, Mayor & Town Councils, School Boards and Sheriff all play important roles in how your local government is managed. Your County Delegates and Senator advocate on state issues that could include funding, environmental policies, public health and safety, and tax incentive programs. Your Congressional Representative and Senator advocate for federal programs and policies that benefit the country.

Voting is a bottom/up process which is why EMM is asking that each election be considered equally important. As the next election cycle's candidates emerge, we will be sharing policies each candidate supports. This will allow Western Maryland voters to choose their elected officials with confidence. Voters should not be tied to a larger party's "one-size-fits-all" agenda. What will your candidate actually do for you and your community? That's what we plan to find out so you can vote accordingly.

What's your idea?

Tell us what's important to you. Submit an idea or build your own initiative work group. We enjoy working with community members that are focused on making Western Maryland the best it can be.

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