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Tug of War

Delegate Wendell Beitzel whips up fracking advocates in Annapolis.

Mike Wicklein graced Garrett County with his highly acclaimed documentary film, "Fracking Western Maryland?" He continues to follow the fracking issue, documenting its zigs and zags through the lens. Below, is a letter he sent to The Republican newspaper that serves Western Maryland.

The tug of war over fracking Western Maryland will soon be over, and if Delegate Wendell Beitzel’s “heart felt” concern’s with the regulations written by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) become part of the law, the Savage River Watershed will be opened up for fracking and drilling will be permitted closer to your private wells than the 2,000 feet currently required by MDE.

When Beitzel testified to the ALER Committee on December 20, he did not say how much closer he thought was appropriate…1,000’, 500’, 250’? But he was very clear that his concern was to allow the Gas & Oil Industry more available land to frack.

I have witnessed and documented Delegate Beitzel in hearings, at meetings and on the floor of the House of Representatives numerous times over the past 2 years and he constantly states that he represents his constituents when he speaks about fracking. He asserts that Garrett County residents want fracking and believe the MDE regulations are too strict. He fear’s if the regulations go forward as is, no one will come frack Western Maryland because there’s not enough land available.

Delegate Beitzel is not my elected representative. I can’t tell him that I’m not going to vote for him because he is more concerned with helping his friends in the Gas & Oil Industry than he is about the safety of my water supply. But I can supply you with the facts, so you can act in your own interest.

If his concerns are not your concerns, I hope you take a few minutes to express yourself and be heard in Annapolis where the decision will be made.

Governor Larry Hogan 1-800-811-8336

Delegate Wendell Beitzel 1-800-492-7122 x 3435 Senator George Edwards 1-866-430-9553

Senator Joan Carter Conway 1-800-492-7122 x 3145

Delegate Michael McKay 1-800-492-7122 x 3321

Delegate Jason Buckel 1-800-492-7122, ext. 3404

You can see more of Wicklein's videos on the Fracking Western Maryland?Facebook page.

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